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  1. Hi there, does anybody know where I can get a copy of the first Blue Nile Album (the vinyl re-mastered edition). Help! Thank you…

  2. Paul, Are there any plans to publish all the sheet music from “Mid Air”? I found the piano arrangement for “Mid Air” itself but none of the other songs. No better way to spend my time than learning them as well. Thanks for such a beautiful, wistful album.

  3. Come on Paul get the finger out and give us some gigs and some new tunes,the concert hall Glasgow has become a distant memory.

  4. Have a listen to Corsicana13 on especially ‘Frozen out’ and ‘Lightning Strike’…….’Overcast’ sounds very Blue Nile.

    Check it out

  5. Paul, when will you perform in belgium, why not a couple of acoustic homeconcerts!! my livingroom will be your superb concerthall! please come over!

  6. I have a very special favour to ask you.

    My best friend is an incredibly talented musician and he really looks up to you and loves all of your music. You are a great inspiration to him.

    His birthday is coming up in a month or so and I would like to ask if it would be possible to get a signed copy of a Blue Nile album, it would mean the world to him!

    Please email me if this would be possible.

    Many thanks.

  7. There is little worse than people who are timeless attempting to be contemporary, trying to be relevant on the terms of others. Aretha is probably the finest female voice alive, but she has released more bad records than good.
    In my dream she has an epiphany and heads out to Muscle Shoals with just a piano and a few sympathetic session players, ditches technology and executive producers, and just gets real. I love you Paul and I hope the new record goes well – follow your ancient soul…..always. Andrew

  8. Paul,
    The first 2 BN albums are still the standard for me when I walk into a new recording studio that I’m not familiar with. (We are talking over 25 years of me doing so btw) It’s a process for me and sometimes can take a whole day for me to settle down and get things right before I can work. (As well as I can in this day and age of gorilla warfare recording in poor acoustic spaces) Often here in the states my assistants ask me “who is that?”. They always start off with them saying “it sounds amazing” and I explain the Linn connection and then once they clear the latest pop-over-corrected crap out of their head they say that voice and music sound incredible, such emotion. This is usually the point when I know I’m getting the room together well and I’ve won you over a few more new fans. A rather long winded way of saying thank you. Now more please, I’m creating a greedy army.

  9. Paul not trying to rush you,cough,but is there any news on the new recordings or even a wee hometown gig.

    • has anybody got any information about paul ,years and years seem to go by without a shred of any information whatsoever ,id love to seem him live again ,about 10 years after I saw him last.simply beautiful music

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