The Blue Nile – Peace At Last 2CD Collectors’ Edition

The long awaited deluxe edition of ‘Peace At Last’ is out now! The band’s third album has been digitally remastered by Paul Buchanan and Robert Bell alongside the album’s original engineer Calum Malcolm.
The new 2CD set features a second disc of bonus material including unreleased demos and new mixes or tracks from the original album.

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The Blue Nile - Peace At Last - 2CD Collectors' Edition

The Blue Nile – Peace At Last Re-issue!

The Blue Nile re-issue the third record ‘Peace At Last’ on Monday, March 3rd, 2014.

Remastered And Available In 2 Cd Collectors’ Edition With Bonus Tracks

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The Blue Nile - Peace At Last

Disc One (Digitally remastered album)

1. Happiness
2. Sentimental Man
3. Love Came Down
4. Body And Soul
5. Holy Love
6. Family Life
7. War Is Love
8. God Bless You Kid
9. Soon

Disc Two (Bonus Tracks)

1. Soon (Laurel Canyon Mix)
2. War Is love (New Vocal mix)
3. Turn Yourself Around
4. Holy Love (Picture Mix)
5. A Certain Kind Of Angel (Unreleased Demo)
6. There Was A Girl